Auto Consumer Information
  • The AA Motoring - Automotive advice, news and reviews for buying, owning and evaluating vehicles. Comprehensive, primarily UK market.
  • Autos - Forum covers discussions on any type of automobile. Readers express their opinions about vehicles they have owned and experiences with repair shops.
  • Actual Car Information - Tom and Ray Magliozzi of the syndicated radio show Car Talk offer information on buying, selling, repairing and owning cars.
  • AuHo - Features reviews, research links, message boards and photos of vehicles.
  • Auto on Info - Displays a broad range of information on passenger vehicles including reliability, durability and questionnaires.
  • News and Reviews - Comprehensive, news and reviews of vehicles, the auto industry, motor sports and auto shows.
  • AutoNetwork Reports - Streaming automotive content including interviews, press events and product launches as provided by auto manufacturers.
  • Autopedia: The Automotive Encyclopedia - Comprehensive collection of links and information regarding auto purchasing and ownership issues.
  • DriveClean.CA.Gov - A guide for zero and near-zero emission vehicles from the California Air Resources Board. Includes articles, general facts and figures, and FAQs.
  • - Guides, reviews, wholesale and retail pricing information and advice for every aspect of automobile purchasing and ownership.
  • The Family Car - Tips on selecting, caring for and handling repair problems. Also covers safe driving and styling trends.
  • - Offers detailed, accurate wheel specifications, brand information and photos. Features wheel weights, stock OEM, racing, and aftermarket wheels.
  • - Internet magazine provides reviews and guides for buying, leasing and maintaining new and used vehicles.
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